Start your new life day…

Happy New Years Day! I hope your holidays were great and you didn’t get into too much trouble last night. It seemed like most of my friends decided to have dinner out or at home than celebrate by watching the ball drop on television. We did our annual dinner out to Bravo Italiano and our waiter was awesome! I am vegetarian and ordered a salad without bacon and he gave me a hard time about that, but it was all in good fun.

So today I woke up knowing my FB newsfeed would be filled with all of everyone’s resolutions. I’ve seen a ton of lose weight, get out of debt, etc. So here’s the thing most people will fail at their resolutions. Why? Because they set too broad of a goal. They just say I want to lose weight. Well…. how much weight are you needing to lose? What are you going to do to lose that weight? Eat better? Exercise? The best thing you can do for your self is make goals and make them measurable, attainable, realistic. So instead of I want to lose weight this year… try this instead. I want to lose 50 pounds by December 31, 2015. I will achieve this by eating a strictly plant-based diet and I will exercise at Farrells EP True 5 days a week (Yes, I had to give a shout out to Farrells). This you can measure, you have a timeline, and you have a plan. See how this could be more beneficial to you.

For me I choose not to have resolutions. I choose to have goals. I feel I am set up to win, when I have a clear plan. This year my goal is to blog at least once a week. Check week one of January off the list! HAHA. I also want to work on my podcast and I did a quick one this afternoon and I’m really getting the hang of it, I think. It’s an exciting day and everything seems so full of potential. What do you plan to do for 2015? Feel free to leave a comment.

Happy New Years! Kristi


Why I made no goals in 2014

So I’ll be honest…. last year I started the year with a big double middle finger at 2013. It was a crap year for me and seemed like everything was falling apart. I started the year out going strong, made my goals, and was excited for all the possibilities. Than, I started having health problems and I ended the year having 5 surgeries and a load of bills. Starting in September of 2013, we started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Class. During the 9 week class; I had 3 surgeries, I got hit by a deer, I started a part-time job, and the government shut down. So to say we were stressed doesn’t cut it.  For me there was a bit of a depression from all the time off, my business suffered and I’m still working on building it back up to what is was. A lot of my clients thought I was dying or something and I still see them a year later and they are asking me if I am okay and if I am doing well. I’m totally fine… not dying or anywhere close to that. Just wanted to make sure that was all clear. 🙂

New Years Eve comes and I haven’t made a plan or done my yearly goal list. I’m totally done with 2013 and all I have to say is 2014 has to be better than 2013. That was my goal or resolution, which is more of just a statement. I started to work on my senior marketing campaign and took some big leaps in 2014 by having a display at the mall. It’s really expensive, but I thought go big or go home! I didn’t make any plans so we ended up just focusing on seniors this year. Looking back, I am proud of all that we accomplished in our business this year. But….. I know there is always a but. I wish I would have been in a better place at the beginning of 2014. Just imagine all that I could have done if I had made goals and accomplished them. Imagine how much better my business would have done if I had sat down and made my yearly plan. I have no regrets in 2014 as I had to go through the fog to get to the sun shine.

What does that have to do with goals of 2014? Well, it’s to explain why I made no goals. It’s to tell my story so you know it. It’s to show that even though you have dark, stressful times there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful to have had amazing friends in my life. I just thank God everyday for putting them in my life at the right time. He always seems to do that and even though you don’t realize it at the time, hopefully, you’ll look back and realize it someday. Take time to reach out to a friend that may be having a tough time.

I challenge you today to do 1 nice thing for someone who doesn’t expect it. Make them a meal, pick up groceries for someone in need, pick up a coffee for a friend who is stressed. A bunch of little things add up to big things happening in the lives of others.



Here we go…

Hello All!

I’m going to start off by saying I am a real person and with that of course, I will make mistakes. I will probably promise to blog more often than I actually will.

So what will this blog contain? Well, my life. I used to have a blog for my business that was just images and maybe a couple of lines of something about the session. I felt that it wasn’t authentic to who I am. I didn’t want to just post images with a simple statement of who they were. I wanted to tell more stories about my every day life. That will include images and stories from sessions, random thoughts from the day, maybe some photography education, and of course images and stories from our crazy kitties Ash and Bella. I also hope that this is a way for people to get to know me better and will give me an outlet for my writing. It’s been a long time since I have thought of myself as a writer, so I am hoping to tap into that person again.

Thank You for stopping by! Feel free to leave me a note to say Hi. 🙂